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੉ٜ਷ ࣁ҅ಣചాੌо੿ো೤җ 10؀ ೐۽ં౟ܳ ୶૓ః۽ ೤੄ೞҊ ߸ച੄ ୐ ߊਸ ղ٣ؤ׮. ౠ൤, թই೐ܻ                                                                                               नਬۣ ൞ݎ੹૓؀ഥ
            ஠ҕചҴীࢲח दܾ ۄ݃ನࢎ թইҕ ؀ా۸੉ ֑ट ݅؛ۄ ఍ࢤ 100઱֙ਸ ӝ֛ೞৈ ઁ2ഥ rਘ٘ ࢲ޿ ই೐ܻ
            ஠(World Summit Africa)sܳ ଵযݠשਸ ݽदҊ ѐ୭ೡ Ѫਸ ਃ୒ೞ৓׮.                                                                                                             ਆԤभر๬લਐେձ
                                                                                                                                                     Rally of Hope for the Advancement of the Providence

            こうした国々は、世界平和統一家庭連合と10大プロジェクトを推進することに合意し、変化への第一歩を踏み出し                                                                                                        in Heavenly Europe
            た。特に、南アフリカ共和国ではシリル・ラマフォサ 南アフリカ大統領が家庭連合に対し、ネルソン・マンデラ
            誕生100周年を記念して、真のお母様を南アフリカにお迎えし、第二回ワールドサミット・アフリカ(World Summit

            Initial steps were taken through agreements with FFWPU to initiate these 10 major projects. In particular, during
            the centenary celebration of President Nelson Mandela, President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa agreed to
            host the 2nd Africa Summit in attendance of True Mother.

            ଵࠗݽש੄ ೧ߑ੄ ݈ॹҗ ࢶನ۽ ୹ߊೠ नই೐ܻ஠ ؀ܩ ࢼܻח ই೐ܻ஠ ઱ਃ Ҵоٜ੉ ଵࠗݽשਸ ৔੽ೣ
            җ زदী नই೐ܻ஠ 10؀ ೐۽ં౟ী زଵೞݶࢲ әޛ࢓ਸ ఋҊ ੓׮. ߄ঠ൒۽ కಣনनޙݺӂ द؀ ؀ܩ੄
            ߸ച ݽ؛੉ ই೐ܻ஠ীࢲ ࢜܂ѱ ഛ݀غҊ ੓ח Ѫ੉׮.


            The Heavenly Africa providence began with True Parents’ proclamation of liberation and as major African
            nations are welcoming True Parents, a strong current of the providence is being initiated as more and more
            nations are participating in the 10 Heavenly Africa projects. A new model of continental change is being realized
            in Africa, leading the era of the Pacific Rim Civilization to new heights. In divesting itself of the vestiges of the
            Atlantic civilization, Africa is connecting to the Pacific Rim through welcoming True Mother.

                                                                                                                                   ୌੌҴ 6֙ ୌ۱ 3ਘ 14ੌ(2018.4.29) য়झ౟ܻই ࠺ূա ࠺ց
                                                                                                                                   गఋ౟ೡۨীࢲ ࣁ҅ 60ৈ ѐҴ 1݅ 2ୌݺ੉ ଵࢳೠ о਍ؘ

                                                                                                                                   नਬۣ ൞ݎ੹૓؀ഥ(Peace Starts with Me)о ѐ୭غ঻׮.

                                                                                                                                   Starts with Me)が開催された。

                                                                                                                                   On 3.14 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 6th year of Cheon
                                                                                                                                   Il Guk (April 29, 2018), 12,000 people gathered from 60
                                                                                                                                   nations at the Vienna Stadthalle for the ‘Peace Starts with
                                                                                                                                   Me’ rally of hope for the advancement of Heavenly Europe.

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