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Thereafter, on January 19, True Mother visited Gorée Island, an infamous center in the slave trade. As she             ੉ী ٮۄ नই೐ܻ஠ܳ ਤೠ 10؀ ೐۽ં౟о Ѿ੿غ঻חؘ, ¦ࣁ҅ಣചҴഥ੄ਗো೤ ¦ࣁ҅ಣചઙҮੋো೤
            toured the tragic island where millions among the more than twenty million Africans who had been forcefully            ¦ࣁ҅ಣച઒੢ഈ੄ഥ ¦नই೐ܻ஠ ׏࠽ܻ૑ޖ࠳ݢ౟(࢜݃ਸ਍ز) ¦ࣁ҅ಣചҊࣘب۽ܳ ݾ಴۽ ೞח ই೐
            taken from their hometowns were sold into the pain and misery of slavery, True Mother liberated Africa from
            its historical resentment. Through True Mother’s prayer, the African continent welcomed a new ‘spring’ of the          ܻ஠ Ҋࣘب۽ݎ Ѥࢸ ¦੄ܐ ߂ ࠂ૑ܳ ഛ୽ೞח ਬפߡࢸ ೾झ ழߡܻ૑ ¦ബ੿ੋࢿҮਭ ¦ই೐ܻ஠ ழೖ ਬ
            providence and took its first step as Heavenly Africa, a continent that attends God by overcoming territorial          פ঱ ¦ࢶ೟ಣച࢚ ¦ଵо੿୷ࠂ਍ز ١੉ ੉ী ೧׼ೠ׮. ੉۠ ӝ؀ ਤী ࣁ֎т, ఍੗פই, ૗߄࠳ਝ, թই೐
            conflict, religious conflict, racial strife, poverty and hunger, violent extremism and other social problems.          ܻ஠ҕചҴ ١ 14ѐҴীࢲࠗఠ नই೐ܻ஠ ؀ܩਵ۽੄ ߸ച৬ ഄनਸ ਤೠ 10؀ ೐۽ં౟ ഈডध੉ ૓೯ع׮.

            ଵযݠשԋࢲח tߒਸ тওਵפ ॿ঒ਸ ࡸܻҊ ࡸܻܳ ղ۰ঠ ؾפ׮uۄҊ ݈ॹೞदݴ ই೐ܻ஠ ؀ܩী ੓য ݽ                                                            人連合、△世界平和族長協議会、△神アフリカニュービレッジ・ムーブメント(セマウル運動)、△世界平和高速道
            ٚ ઺ब ৉ೡਸ ೡ ࣻ ੓ח ࠄࠗܳ ࣁ֎тী ل Ѫਸ ࢶನೞ࣑׮. 5ਘ नই೐ܻ஠ ೐۽ં౟ ҙ۲ Ҵղ৻ അ੢ ૑                                                         を目標とするアフリカ高速道路網建設、△医療および福祉を拡充するユニバーサル・ヘルス・カバレッジ、△孝情
            ب੗ 120ৈ ݺ੉ ଵࢳೠ о਍ؘ r2018 ই೐ܻ஠ ૑ب੗ ബ੿ ౠ߹୨ഥsܳ ా೧ ੹ۚҗ पୌ ߑউਸ ֤੄ೞ৓׮.                                                       人格教育、△アフリカコーヒーユニオン、△鮮鶴平和賞、△真の家庭祝福運動などがこれに該当する。このような
            トに関連する、国内外の宣教現場の指導者約120名が参加する中、“2018アフリカ指導者孝情特別総会”が開催さ                                                                 As a result, 10 projects were decided for Heavenly Africa: the International Association of Parliamentarians
            れ、今後の戦略と実践方案について議論が交わされた。                                                                                              for Peace (IAPP), the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD), the International  Chiefs
                                                                                                                                   Association for Peace and Prosperity (ICAPP), the Heavenly Africa New Village Movement, the African
                                                                                                                                   highway network (as part of the International Peace Highway and Tunnel Project), Universal Health Coverage
            True Mother mentioned, ‘The field has been plowed and the time has come to sow seeds and grow roots.’ She              aimed at improving healthcare, Hyojeong Character Education, the African Coffee Union, the Sunhak Peace
            then proclaimed, ‘The headquarters that will play the central role in all aspects of the African Continent will        Prize, and the True Family and Blessing Movement. On this foundation, MOUs related to these 10 projects were
            be located in Senegal.’ In May of this year, 120 field leaders gathered for the 2018 African Leaders’ Hyojeong         signed with governments of 14 nations, including Senegal, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa with the aim
            Special Assembly, where they discussed strategies and means of implementing the Heavenly Africa project.               of realizing innovative change.

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