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ୌ࢚੄ ଵইߡשҗ ૑࢚੄ ଵযݠשԋࢲ ୭ઙ ੌ୓ܳ ੉ܖन о਍ؘ ઱੤ೞदח ୌ઱୷ࠂध਷ ૑࢚੄ ࢶթࢶ                                                               Ӓܻೞৈ ଵইߡש ୌ઱ࢿച 6઱֙ਸ ݏ੉ೠ ੹ ࣁ҅ ୷ࠂо੿ٜ਷ ࠺੹ 2020 थܻܳ ਤ೧ ଵࠗݽשҗ ೞա غ
            ֗ ࡺ݅ ইפۄ ୌ࢚੄ ৔ੋٜ ژೠ ଵৈೞৈ ୷ࠂѾഒਸ ా೧ ബ੿੄ ੹ాਸ ੉য߉ই ଵػ ੗֗۽ ੤఍ࢤೞ                                                             য नઙ઒ݫदই थܻ৬ ୌੌҴ উ଱੄ ଼੐੸ ࢎݺਸ ৮ࣻೣਵ۽ॄ ೞט খী ӝࢄҗ ৔ҟਸ ৢ۰ܻ٘ח ബ੿
            ח ୌ઱(ᯯ᫖)੸ ରਗ੄ ୷ࠂध੉׮.                                                                                                   ੄ ੗ٜ֗੉ غযঠ ೠ׮.

            天上の真のお父様と地上の真のお母様が最終一体を成された中で主宰される天宙祝福式は、地上の善男善女だけで                                                                    そうして、真のお父様天宙聖和6周年を迎えた全世界の祝福家庭は、ビジョン2020勝利のために真の父母様と一つ
            なく、天上の霊人たちもまた参加し、祝福結婚を通して孝情の伝統を受け継ぎ、真の子女として生まれ変わる、天                                                                    となり、神氏族メシヤの勝利と国家の復帰の責任的使命を完遂することによって、天の前に喜びと栄光をお捧げす
            宙的次元の祝福式である。                                                                                                           る孝情の子女たちとならなければならない。

            True Father in the spirit world and True Mother on earth officiate the Cosmic Blessing in complete oneness and         As we commemorate the 6th anniversary of True Father’s Ascension, may blessed families throughout the world
            it is not only virtuous men and women on earth who attend this Blessing but also those in heaven. Through the          become victorious in VISION 2020. To do so, let us become the children of Hyojeong who return happiness and
            Cosmic Blessing, all participants can inherit the tradition of hyojeong and be born again as True Children. It is      glory to Heaven by uniting with True Parents, becoming victorious in Heavenly Tribal Messiahship and fulfilling
            indeed, a cosmic-level Blessing.                                                                                       the mission of national restoration.

            ୌ઱୷ࠂधਸ ా೧ ୷ࠂо੿ਸ ੉ܘ नی नٜࠗ਷ ೞטࠗݽשҗ ଵࠗݽש੄ ੗֗۽ Ѣٟաח زदী Ҵо৬
            ੋઙ, ઙҮ৬ ޙച੄ ੢߷ਸ ೲޛয ಣച੉࢚ࣁ҅ܳ ହѤೞח ઱৉ਵ۽ ࢜܂ѱ ୹ߊೞѱ ؼ Ѫ੉׮.


            Through the Cosmic Blessing, brides and grooms become blessed families, are born again as Heavenly Parent
            and True Parents’ children and simultaneously, help break down barriers of nationality, race, religion and culture.
            They pioneer the actualization of the ideal world of peace.

            ਋ܻ ୷ࠂо੿ٜ਷ ଵযݠשԋࢲ ղ۰઱न ࢿച୷ઁী ׸ӟ ӈೠ ڷਸ ݃਺ ࣘী Ө੉ ࢜ӝח ೠಞ, नઙ઒ݫद
            ই ଼੐ਸ ৮ࣻೞৈ ࣁ҅ ݅޹੉ ೞաשਸ ݽप ࣻ ੓ח नઙ઒(ᙲ᪶᪬), नҴо(ᙲཫ൶), न؀ܩ(ᙲႝᇱ), नࣁ҅
            (ᙲᕴ຅), नୌ઱(ᙲᯯ᫖)ܳ ా೧ ࠺੹ 2020ਸ थܻೞҊ ୌੌҴ উ଱ਸ ੉ܗೡ Ѫਸ ׼ࠗೞन ଵযݠש ݈ॹਸ
            р૒೧ঠ ೠ׮.


            As blessed families, let us deeply engrave the precious meaning of the Ascension Anniversary given by True
            Parents; let us also cherish True Mother’s call to complete our missions as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs and form
            Heavenly Tribes, Heavenly Nations, Heavenly Continents, a Heavenly World and a Heavenly Cosmos where all
            of humanity attends God. Let us therefore be victorious in VISION 2020 and realize the firm establishment of
            Cheon Il Guk.

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