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Ӓۧ׮ݶ য়ט ݽੋ ৈ۞ٜ࠙਷ ইߡשԋ ޖट ݈ॹਸ ೞҊ रणפө.
                                 աח ੉ۧѱ ݈ೞҊ रणפ׮. tইߡש ੉ઁ ੉റ۽ח ѣ੿ೞ૑ ݃भदয়.
                                              ੷൞ٜ੉ ӝ೙௏ ଼੐ ৮ࣻ ೞѷणפ׮.
                                    ࠄೱਗ(ຊ↽ԓ)ীࢲ Ӓ زউ ৻۽਋࣑؍ ೞטࠗݽשਸ ਤ۽ೞदݴ
                                        ࣠৔(ᰌӫ)੄ ؀࢚ਵ۽ ੗ਬ۽৬૑दӝܳ рҳ೤פ׮.u
                                             2015֙ 8ਘ 30ੌ, ୌ઱ࢿച 3઱֙ ӝ֛ध ݈ॹ
                            ੉ۧѱ ೣਵ۽ॄ ଵইߡש ࢿച ੉റী ղо ೞҊ੗ ೠ ݽٚ ੌٜ੉ ੿ܻغח Ѫੑפ׮.
                      ੉ઁ ৈ۞࠙਷ नઙ઒ݫदইٜ੉, ࢜۽਎ न(᙮)੉ ইצ ೞաשਸ ݽदח ઙ઒ݫदইٜ੉ غযঠ ೤פ׮.
                                      Ӓܻೞৈ ৈ۞࠙੄ ੿ࢿҗ ࣻҊо ೞט খী ࢚׳ؼ ࣻ ੓ח
                              Ӓ۞ೠ प੸ਸ թӡ ࣻ ੓ѱՔ ղо ୌ઱୒ಣࣻ۲ਗ উী ୌࠁਗਸ ૙Ҋ ੓णפ׮.
                         য়ט ݽੋ ৈ۞࠙਷ ׮ ӒҔী ١੤غח ৔৘۽਍ ബ੗, ബ֗, ୽न੉ غӝܳ ߄ۄҊ ୷ਗ೤פ׮.
                                            2018֙ 1ਘ 5ੌ, ୌੌҴ ૑ب੗ न֙ ౠ߹૘ഥ ݈ॹ



                                Therefore, you who have gathered here today, what do you wish to tell Father?
                                  This is what I wish to tell him, tFather, from now on please do not worry.
                                            We shall fulfill our responsibility without fail.
                                Please freely ascend to the eternal Bonhyangwon and comfort Heavenly Parent
                                      who has been lonely until now and receive glory forevermore.u
                       True Mother speaking during the 3rd anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension (August 30, 2015)

                        In so doing, everything I wished to accomplish following True Father’s ascension has been sorted out.
                             Now, all of you Heavenly Tribal Messiahs, I am not talking about new tribal messiahs;
                                          you must become Tribal Messiahs who attend God.
                       In so doing, your jeongseong and your efforts will be recorded in Cheon Bo Won, which I am building in
                               Cheongpyeong Training Center, and they will be conveyed to Heaven through it.
                       I pray and wish that you who are gathered here today can become the honorable filial sons and daughters,
                                              the patriots who are all registered there.                                                                                  ୌ૑ੋଵࠗݽש
                True Mother speaking during the gathering of Cheon Il Guk Leaders to mark the start of the new year (January 5, 2018)
                                                                                                                                                             True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

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