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                                                                                                                                   True Mother also referenced ‘Mission Butterfly,’ the gallant decade-long mission effort from FFWPU
                                                                                                                                   missionaries in the former Communist bloc. These missionaries kept absolute faith in the face of possible
                                                                                                                                   martyrdom, laying the foundation to open a new era by receiving forgiveness for humanity’s failure to
                                                                                                                                   understand Christ’s essence.

                                                                                                                                   ؀ഥ ӝр ଵযݠש੄ ౠ߹૑दী ٮۄ ա஖ ࣻਊࣗ ઺ীࢲ о੢ ঈݺ ֫ও؍ য়झ౟ܻই ݃਋౟ೞ਋ઃ ъઁࣻ

                                                                                                                                   ਊࣗ ൞ࢤ੗ ೧ਗध੉ ૓೯غ঻׮. Ҋୌޙਸ ೞט খী ࠁҊೣਵ۽ॄ ف ର۹ী Ѧ஘ ࣁ҅؀੹ীࢲ ൞ࢤ׼ೠ ৔
                                                                                                                                   ഒٜਸ ೧ਗೞҊ ೧ߑೣਵ۽ॄ ӝةҮ ޙݺ੄ ࠄ࢑૑ ਬۣ੉ ৔ਭ ই਎۞ ೧ߑ੄ զਸ ݏই ࢜ ୹ߊ ೡ ࣻ ੓ب
            ଵযݠשԋࢲח ೞט੉ ળ࠺ೠ ਬۣ؀ܩ੉ Ӕ؀ޙݺ੄ җ೟ ߊ׳ਸ оઉ৳ਵա ੋр੄ ࢤݺҗ ૑ҳ੄ ޷ېب                                                               ۾ ୷ࠂೞन Ѫ੉׮.

            ࠁ੢ೡ ࣻ হח ׮নೠ ޙઁী ૒ݶೞݶࢲ ੋр੄ ൨੉ ೠ҅ী ب׳೮׮Ҋ ૓ױೞ࣑׮. ٸޙী ੋр਷ ࠄې ਋
            ઱੄ ઱ੋ੉न ହઑ઱ ೞաש੉ যځೠ ࠙ੋоܳ ઁ؀۽ ঌইঠ݅ ݽٚ ޙઁܳ ೧Ѿೡ ࣻ ੓׮Ҋ ݈ॹೞ࣑׮.                                                             大会期間中、真のお母様の特別な指示により、ナチスの収容所の中でも最も悪名の高い、オーストリアのマウトハ

            6000֙੉ۄח ӝաӟ Ҋాҗ ׀ޛ੄ ࣁਘਸ ଺ই աয়न ೞטࠗݽשԋ ଼੐ਸ ׮ೡ ٸо ৳਺ਸ ъઑೞ࣑׮.                                                            ウゼン強制収容所において犠牲者の解怨式が行われた。告天文を天の前に報告することで、二度に渡る世界大戦で
            җѢ Ӓܻझب੄ ੉ܴਵ۽ ࣁ҅۽ ೱ೮٠ ੉ઁח ࣁ҅ܳ ҳೞח ੗یझ۞਍ ਬۣ੉ غয ೞטࠗݽשਸ ݽदҊ                                                              犠牲となった霊魂を解怨し解放してくださり、キリスト教文明の発祥地欧州が霊肉共の解放の日を迎え、新たに出
            ଵࢎیҗ ബ੿ਵ۽ աইо ಣച۽਍ ҕز୓ܳ पഅೡ ࣻ ੓ӝܳ ൞ݎೞ࣑׮.

                                                                                                                                   During the rally, representative leaders received True Mother’s special directives and held a special liberation
            真のお母様は、天が準備された欧州大陸は近代文明と科学の発達を実現したが、人間の生命と地球の未来も保証す                                                                    ceremony for the victims in Mauthausen, an infamous Nazi concentration camp in Austria. A special
            ることのできない様々な問題に直面しながら、人間の力が限界に到達したと診断された。そのため、人間は本来、                                                                    proclamation was offered to Heaven for all the innocent souls who made the ultimate sacrifice during World
            宇宙の主人であられる創造主天の父母様がどのような方であるのかを正しく知ってこそ、全ての問題を解決するこ                                                                    War 1 and World War 2. This day of liberation was a day of Blessing for Europe, the homeland of Christian
            とができると語られた。6000年という長い苦痛と涙の歳月を探して来られた天の父母様に対する責任を果たす時が                                                                  civilization, and a day to mark a new beginning.

            True Mother conveyed that Heaven had prepared the European continent, a continent that developed into a
            modern civilization through technological advances. However, the limits of human ability have become clear
            as humanity faces various problems that threaten its existence and the future of the earth. Hence, Mother
            emphasized the need for humanity to properly understand the identity of God, the creator and original owner of
            the universe, in order to solve the myriad problems it faces. For 6,000 long years, Heavenly Parent endured a
            painful and tearful providence to save humanity and the time has come for us to fulfill our responsibility towards
            Heavenly Parent. Just as intrepid European explorers carried Christ’s name as they sailed throughout the world,
            the time has come for Europe to stand proud by contributing to the salvation of the world. True Mother hopes
            that Europe will attend Heavenly Parent and advance with true love and a filial heart for Heaven (hyojeong) as it
            builds a community of peace.

            ೠಞ о੿ো೤੉ 50֙р ҕ࢑઱੄ ஖ೞীࢲ rա࠺੘੹s੉ۄח ݺடਵ۽ ࢶҮഝزਸ ಟ୛ ৡ Ѫਸ ঱әೞदݴ,
            ੺؀नঔਸ ߄ఔਵ۽ ೠ ࣽҮ੄ ӡ੉ Ӓܻझب੄ ࠄ૕ਸ ੉೧ೞ૑ ޅೠ җয়ܳ ਊࢲ ߉ਸ ࣻ ੓ח ࢜۽਍ द؀
            ܳ ೲۅ೧ ઱࣑׮.

          18                                                                                                                                                                                                                         19
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