Unificationist Leaders Look Toward Future in Day 2 of Assembly


The Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Meeting continued on February 24 with action plan presentations by the remaining regional chairmen and the primary affiliate organizations of Family Federation, as well as a special lecture and evening devotional session led by the staff of the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.

The day opened with presentations by the Family Federation Regional Chairman of Africa, President of Korea, President of Japan, and Regional Chairman of North America: Rev. Bakary Camara, Rev. Ki-Seong Lee, Rev. Eiji Tokuno, and Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, respectively.

Each shared reflections from their region in 2017 as well as regional goals for 2018. Rev. Camara shared about the recent success of the World Summit event in Senegal as well as the launch of the International Chiefs’ Association for Peace and Prosperity (ICAPP), a continental initiative educating African chiefs about the value of the Marriage Blessing. He also called for leaders eager to teach to come to Africa to meet the growing demand for such education.

Rev. Lee declared Korea’s intention to hold 10,000-person rallies in all 5 regions of Korea before 2020 and testified to the power of the Cheongpyeong providence as a foundation to invite God’s involvement in all that we do, as demonstrated in the recent rally for Korea’s hopeful march forward centered on True Parents. Rev. Eiji Tokuno of Japan also promised significant growth in the new year, announcing Japan’s goal to have a 20,000-person Blessing ceremony by 2020.

After an invigorating performance of the song “Generation of Righteousness” by the American delegation, Dr. Kim delivered the American action plan for 2018. The essential theme of his remarks was the importance of having True Parents as the absolute center of our lives: “If we have our center, our core straight, everything will be clear. We will not be shaken and can march forward unhindered by any obstacles.” Dr. Kim then recounted True Mother’s recent visit to the Family Federation for a Heavenly USA headquarters at the New Yorker Hotel, as well as our growing Tribal Messiah network, TribeNet, the Peace Starts With Me Rally at Madison Square Garden, and the two pilgrimages to Korea made by members of the American Clergy Leadership Conference last fall.

Representatives from the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), Youth and Students for Peace (YSP), Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), the HJ World Peace Foundation, the HJ Cheonwon Complex Project, the Hyo Jeong Academy, and the Tongil Group also gave presentations about the current status of their ongoing projects to create an environment consistent with True Parents’ teachings for peace and God’s purpose for humankind.

Late in the afternoon, the theme of the presentations turned to the profound spirit and activities of the Cheongpyeong Training Center. Family Federation for a Heavenly Korea president, Rev. Lee has also served as president of the training center for many years. He gave a special address explaining the Unification theology of rebirth and the significance and history of the Cheongpyeong Training Center as a place to inherit the true love, life, and lineage of our True Parents.

The day concluded with a special devotional session at the Cheong Shim Won, the main prayer hall at the training center. All of the international leaders gathered together there to offer sincere devotions and determinations as representatives of their nations, regions, and the world, past, present, and future. It was only the second time ever that such a program was held at the Cheong Shim Won, which added another layer of significance to a full day and a beautiful moment.

Under the guidance of True Mother and the support of Rev. Lee, the connections between the Cheongpyeong Training Center and Family Federation are growing noticeably stronger. The training center staff has already done a few regional tours in Africa and Asia and is gearing up for more in 2018, bringing with them a prayerful, tearful heart of repentance and rebirth that inspires a deeper connection for God and True Parents, as has now been seen twice during the events of the past few days alone.

2018 FFWPU International Headquater