True Parents’ Birthday Celebration in Korea


On February 21, in a global celebration in Korea, thousands filled the Cheongshim Peace World Center while others around the world tuned in to the live broadcast to celebrate True Parents’ birthday.

The event opened with a commemorative video about True Parents’ life course, and the program was filled with music, dance, and celebration. You can re-watch the event broadcast below.

Sun Jin Moon, daughter of True Parents and President of FFWPU International, said in her opening remarks:

My parents never lived their lives for individualistic or private purposes. As their child, I have witness how my parents lived each and every day in service to God, our Heavenly Parent, and in service to humanity, guided by a single vision of building one universal human family under God. Their lives have always been defined by public purposes. Before I could truly understand the tremendous difficulty of leading such a life, there were so many instances when, as a child, I yearned for my parents’ love. However, it is because True Parents established a tradition of public life that we have a reference point, an anchor that makes it possible for us to live a life of filial piety toward Heavenly Parent. This is why we say this birthday celebrations is for the sake of the public purpose.

A commemorative video detailing True Parents’ life course followed, with True Mother then taking the stage to receive the love of those in the audience. She enjoyed this celebration with True Father, who experienced the celebration from the spirit world and reverberated in the hearts of Unificationists.

Later, True Mother smiled with gratitude when American Unificatoinists presented her a meaningful gift: a large, beautifully framed picture in recognition of True Mother’s historic “Peace Starts With Me” event at Madison Square Garden last year.

Following the cutting of the birthday cake, music, dance, and celebration filled the rest of the program. The program included star-studded musical performances, from a former Britain’s Got Talent winner, as well as a longtime respected Korean R&B singer. The former, in particular, expressed his appreciation for True Parents’ activities and activities for peace. Prior to today’s celebration, he had immediately agreed to perform for True Parents upon being invited.


2018 FFWPU International Headquater