Leaders’ Assembly Kicks Off in Korea


February 23 was the first day of the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Meeting at the Hyojeong Cheonwon Complex in Korea. An annual event, this leaders’ meeting is a time when international leaders of the Unification movement gather together to share progress made toward regional and national goals.

This year, Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU, offered the welcoming address at the opening ceremony. In her remarks, she reflected on the many miracles of 2017, like True Mother’s 12 rallies of hope, and highlighted the significance of the upcoming year of 2018 for God and True Parents.

Sun Jin explained, first, that 2018 is the year of the Golden Dog, a year promising prosperity, wealth, and abundance that comes once every 60 years. 2018 also opened with a super-blue-blood moon in January, an event called a “cosmic trifecta,” which occurs once every 150 years. Sun Jin pointed to these circumstances and True Mother’s warm reception in Senegal last month as signs of the heavenly fortune that we can tap into to support and guide our activities in the months ahead.

In describing her own experiences of watching the cosmic trifecta, a sorrowful darkness being reborn into a burning ember and a beautiful firelight, Sun Jin expressed her clear hope for all that is possible in the coming year, as well as her conviction in and love for True Parents as those who free us from the darkness to live in light and love.

“When you believe or call True Parents into your heart, they always answer.” –Sun Jin Moon

Following Sun Jin’s address, Rev. Chung-Shik Yong, Rev. Sang-Seok Kim, and Dr. Michael Balcomb—respectively the Regional Chairmen of Family Federation in Asia, South and Central America, and Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East—each shared a presentation about their regional goals for 2018 and for 2020. Rev. Yong anticipates significant growth in Asia on the foundation of their breakthroughs in tribal messiahship during the past few years. Rev. Kim reported significant breakthroughs in South and Central America as local obstacles were overcome and Unification initiatives like Peace Road have begun to be sponsored by other groups who share Unificationist values. Finally, Dr. Balcomb reported with great excitement True Mother’s upcoming Peace Starts with Me Rally in Vienna, which is slated for the last weekend of April and to which 12,000 are expected to come.

Before each of these regional representatives gave their presentations, their teams were also invited to come up and sing a song together, creating a truly familial and friendly atmosphere throughout the first day of activities.

2018 FFWPU International Headquater