Leaders’ Assembly Comes to a Close Before Foundation Day


The 2018 Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly came to a close on February 25 with a few final presentations, a closing ceremony, and a supplementary conference by the Hyo Jeong Academy.

Dr. Young-ho Yoon, Secretary General of Family Federation International, gave a final, extensive presentation about the significance of recent events in the movement, highlighting True Mother’s recent trip to Senegal. Toward the end of his presentation, Dr. Yoon was moved to tears as he reflected on the sorrow and the suffering of the millions of slaves sent out from Gorée Island and voiced his sincere determination to unite with True Mother and support her efforts to liberate God and all the people of the world from the terrible darkness that gives rise to such evils as slavery.

A simple closing ceremony followed, in which Mrs. Wonju McDevitt, Chief of Staff of True Mother’s Secretariat, gave the congratulatory remarks. Mrs. McDevitt invited all to remember True Mother’s request to return to the original heart they had when they joined the Unification movement and shared her testimony of living a life of attendance to True Parents. She recounted how her first child was born while she was accompanying True Parents on a five-hour trip to Washington, D.C., and thanked her husband, Mike McDevitt, and family for supporting her and attending True Parents as a family for so many years.

The Hyo Jeong Academy, a network of Unification academics called by True Mother to offer intellectual resources and support to our international leaders and initiatives, held a conference in the afternoon. The topics covered in their presentations ranged from an exploration of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s arguments on the compatibility of religion and science to the Unification theology of atonement and character education based on the ideal of hyojeong, or filial piety to God and True Parents.

Of particular note was Professors for World Peace Academy President Dr. Thomas Selover’s presentation on the historical and theological significance of True Mother’s trip to Senegal and the liberation ceremony she presided over on Goree Island, pointing to the power and sophistication of True Mother’s prayer on the occasion as well as America’s current responsibility and opportunity to make amends for the part it played in the historical tragedy of the transatlantic slave trade.

2018 FFWPU International Headquater