Korea Marches Forward With True Parents


This morning in Korea, hundreds of Unificationists gathered at the Cheongshim Peace World Center for the Rally for the Hopeful March Forward of the Family Federation for a Heavenly Korea. Through this rally, Korean Unificationists rededicated themselves to supporting True Parents, fulfilling God’s Will, and to deeply, to uniting in heart with both God and True Parents.

“This was an unexpectedly amazing rally,” shared Miyoung Eaton, an American second-generation Unificationist in attendance. Initially, the exact purpose of the rally was unclear for Americans in attendance. When recently appointed FFWPU for a Heavenly Korea President, Rev. Ki-Seong Lee delivered the main address for the rally, however, Miyoung noticed that many of the Korean Unificationists were crying. She then realized that the translation had halted, because Hyun-Ook Oh, the translator for event, was also crying.

It then became clear for Miyoung: “I realized that the purpose of this rally was both for Korean Unificationists to recommit to True Parents, Heavenly Parent, and their Will as well as to show their commitment and dedication to True Mother.”

One notable moment was when two young Unificationists, both part of a choir, shared truly moving testimonies about how the sacrifice of their parents, and for one of the speakers, his grandparents, has inspired them to follow in their footsteps and inherit their loyalty to God and True Parents.

2018 FFWPU International Headquater